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HealthMarket’s base of contracted ancillary service providers includes over 38,000 sites nationwide. HealthMarkets identifies and utilizes providers who offer efficient, high quality services in each of the local markets it services. HealthMarkets regularly monitors the network using recognized standards and quality control guidelines.

Our providers benefit from our administrative efficiency, claims automation, improved competitiveness, access to large populations, and claims research/advocacy support services.

Service Group

Specialty Category

Included Subspecialties



Radiology / Imaging

Cardiac Monitoring

Sleep Diagnostics

Genetic Testing



Alternative Therapies


Massage Therapy





Infusion Services

Specialty Pharmacy

Home Health


Outpatient Rehab

Occupational & Physical Therapy

Speech Therapy

Pain Management

Physician Alternatives

Walk-In Clinics


Urgent Care Center

Post-Acute Hospital Services



Inpatient Rehab

Occupational & Physical Therapy

Long Term Acute Care


Skilled Nursing Facilities


Surgery Center


Medical Devices

Durable Medical Equipment

Hearing Aids

Implantable Devices


Orthotics & Prosthetics


Diabetic Supplies



Other Services







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Please note that while there may be services listed in the Specialty Category Section, those services may not be covered under your policy.

Please call the Customer Service number located on the back of your ID card to determine your benefits before seeking service.

While every effort is made to be sure that the provider status are current, please verify that the provider you wish to see is still in the network at time of service.